Sunday, October 3, 2010

Path of Faith

Today J received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This a big milestone that marks his full acceptance of the path of faith we set him on as a tiny baby.  As I watched him process into the church, I was overwhelmed once again by the fact that my little boy is in fact, a young man, who is growing up faster than my heart wants to allow.   In my heart he is still the baby who smiled through his baptism.  The little boy who loved to read "Eyeore Loses His Tail" over and over again.  The four year old who proclaimed his new baby brother "pretty cool."  The second grader who, after receiving his First Holy Communion, wondered why Jesus couldn't taste like the M&M's Sr. Kathleen had them practice with.   The ten year old who wanted a second brother, only to fall head over heels for his baby sister the second he set eyes on her.  All of these memories hold a special place in my heart.  Today new memories found their place.  J, being annointed with oil and pledging his faith.  The smile on his face as he caught my eye.  The pride in his smile when he had his picture taken with Father Chris.  The pride I felt knowing that J has a strong foundation of faith and love to build his life on.   All of these moments will take their permanent place in my heart so that I can revisit them long after today has passed.