Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer wrap Up

Hard as it is to wrap my mind around it, summer vacation is near it's end.  N and A start school in two weeks.  J will also be moving to college later in that same week.  The summer has flown by.  We've had a lot of good times and I'm sorry to see it coming to an end.

A competed in two baton competitions.  The first was Southeast Regionals, held just an hour and a half from home this year.  The second was Grand Champs on the Grand Strand held in Myrtle beach, SC.  She did well at both, bringing home several trophies and medals.  She wrapped up the baton season with tryouts for next years team.  She made the team and will begin her fourth season of baton in just a few short weeks.  She continues to play baseball every chance she gets and has enjoyed some training time on the field with Coach C this summer.  She'll be in third grade this year, which seems impossible to me.

N tried something new this summer.  He attended a theater camp at the community theater, then performed in the cast of Tarzan as an ape for eight shows.  He really enjoyed it and plans to try out for some of the plays coming up this year.  He will be in eighth grade this year.  He will once again sing in the community children's chorus and will continue as a student teacher for a boy's gymnastics class.

Last week we spent a fun family day at a state park.  I really wanted a day to just relax and spend time together.  Coach C joined us, as did my brother D and his significant other K.  We had a great time swimming in the springs, canoeing, and picnicking.  The weather was perfect and it was exactly the kind of day I was hoping for before we have to say goodbye to J and Coach C.

Other things we've done include spending fourth of July weekend at my brother', baseball lessons, and a great visit with dear friends.  We've also been fostering a mama cat and her litter of five kittens.  They came to us when the kittens were ten days old.  They're now five weeks old and it has been quite an experience  In several more weeks we'll find good homes for most of the kittens.  we're keeping mama and at least one kitten.  Two kittens if A has her way and I have to admit I'm leaning in her favor.  I'd keep them all if I could!

Of course, the big milestone that we are fast approaching is J leaving for college in  North Carolina.  Two weeks from tomorrow hubby and I will drive him up for move in and orientation weekend.  I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it.  He's so excited to begin this new chapter in his life, especially beginning his college baseball career.  For me, my heart is cracked in pieces knowing how much life is about to change for us all.  I'm confident that he'll do well and will continue to make us proud with his dedication to his dream.  Last night Coach C was over for dinner.  We were sitting around the kitchen table, discussing the upcoming year and all we hope it holds for J.  It hit me that just three years ago, we sat around that very same table discussing Coach C mentoring J. It seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago.  Coach C has agreed to do a guest post with his thoughts on how far J has come and where he is headed.  Look for that in the next few days.  In the meantime, enjoy what's left of your summer!