Wednesday, March 27, 2013

End of an Era

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows all about J's time with TP.  Heck, anyone who knows us period, knows about TP.  Playing on the team was a tremendous opportunity for J.  He grew and developed so much as a player, and was looking forward to another fun filled summer with the team.  So it's with a heavy heart that I am writing this post to report that TP will not have a summer team this year.  What happened?  It's simple really.  In the past few days, Coach C discovered some players had decided to go play for another team, leaving us without enough players to field a competitive team.  He and the owner of the TP organization were left with a difficult decision.  Scramble and try to scrape together players or let the team go, allowing the remaining players to move on.  Hard as it is, they made the latter decision.  The official email went out tonight, though I've known for several days it was coming.  Coach C had called over the weekend to let us know what was happening.  I have such a range of emotions over this.  Sadness, because TP was like a family and will be dearly missed.  Anger, because those same players had previously committed to TP.  To me, they're letting down not only their fellow teammates, but Coach C.  But we all have to make the choices in life that seem the best for us.  I sincerely wish them well.  Or I will once I get over the mad.  I'm also feeling gratitude because without TP, J would not be where he's at in regards to baseball.  TP has been an important part of his baseball career.  One that will never be forgotten as he moves forward down the road to his most heartfelt dream.  Most importantly, I feel blessed to have come away from this team with something much more important than baseball, the love and friendship of someone who has truly become a treasured part of our family.  Coach C most certainly got more than he bargained for the day he chose J for TP.   And yet, he keeps coming back for more!  Seriously, we all love Coach C dearly and will forever be grateful for the friendship we've forged.  So even though the TP era is ending, we're remaining upbeat and positive.  And making new plans for J.  Just because he's lost the team, doesn't mean he's losing Coach C.   Coach C is planning to work intensely with J over the summer, training him, making him stronger, and taking him to a couple of showcases.  Hubby and I think J will really benefit from having such intense instruction.  J, who always responds well to Coach C's coaching, will hopefully make big strides this summer in regards to his game.  He's feeling a little raw right now.  Losing the team is a blow, but he'll ultimately be fine.  He has so much love and support behind him, plus he has a coach who's always been willing to put everything he had into developing J as a player.  I've often said that if he could  Coach C would move mountains for J and vice versa.   The two of them are a remarkable team. This summer will be different, yet exciting as we see just where the journey will take us next.  As hubby said earlier this evening, part of the journey is ending, but the most important steps could be just up ahead.  

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