Sunday, July 17, 2016

USTA Nationals 2016, Mobile, Alabama

A spent this past week competing at the US National Baton Championships in Mobile, Alabama. She competed in National dance twirl, strut, and solo, as well as three groups routines and intermediate level strut, dance twirl, and two baton.  She also competed advanced presentation. How did she do?  Extremely well! She finished her national events with a 5th place in dance twirl, and 3rd place in both strut and solo.  In her intermediate events she finished with a first place for presentation, 8th in dance twirl, 4th in two baton, and fifth in strut.  The team finished with a fourth, a second, and a first place win!

A has worked extremely hard this year.  Her twirling continues to improve with every practice and competition.  She's really starting to become a contender and is close to breaking out and making her mark in the twirling world.  Her twirling goals  include winning a national title and someday making the world baton team.  If she continues to work hard, I have no doubt she'll achieve those goals.

Next up she'll be competing at Notre Dame University at AYOP(Americas Youth on Parade).  This is the nationals for the National Baton Twirling Association and includes the prestigious Miss Majorette of America event.  A will be competing for juvenile Miss Majorette of America.  She'll also be competing her baseball themed show twirl, solo, x strut, and two baton. Until then we're enjoying some time vacationing with family and friends until we hit the road for Indiana!

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