Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top Ten Baseball Moments

J just finished his final fall baseball season.  He played tremendously well, finishing off his season with a batting average of .522.  It was a little sad knowing that he has one spring season left.  Hopefully after that it will be on to college ball, but we're still quite a ways from knowing how that will work out.  As always, being the overly sentimental mama that I am, I've been recalling a lot of moments from his nearly 14 years on the field.  I decided to share my top ten.

10.) J's excitement the first year he signed up for t-ball.  I can still picture him with holding his shiny new bat, his tiny glove, and the smile that never leaves his face when he's playing ball.

9.)  His first "home run" during the last game of his first t-ball season.  He smacked the ball to the fence and rounded the bases with all the speed his little five year old legs could muster.  Then he slid home, that smile growing even wider.

8.)  His second season in minor division Little League.  That season truly personified everything that youth baseball should be about.  We had a great little team with fantastic kids and parents and it will always be one of my favorites.

7.)  His excitement when he received a first baseman's mitt.  To him that meant he was really and truly a first baseman.  He used that glove from ages 9-14, when his hand finally outgrew it.  I have it put away in his keepsake box, never to be thrown away.  

6. )  In 2010, J attended a Baseball Factory try out and was selected to attend a national training camp in Cape Cod.  He was one of only 90 kids chosen and I think that is the year that the idea that he would make baseball his life's goal really took root.  It had always been there, but that camp clinched it.  I cried when I put him on the plane because I could see all the dreams in his eyes and I wanted so badly to help him make them a reality.

5.)  His first try out for the high school team as a freshman.  He was so nervous that the day they posted the list and his name was on it, he wasn't sure if that meant he had made it or been cut.  He called me from school to tell me his name was on the list and his voice was shaking with nerves and excitement.

4.)  The day he tried out for TP and met Coach C.  I couldn't foresee how it would turn out, but right from the start, I knew there was something special there.

3.)  His final tournament for TP when he hit a game changing line drive that spurred TP onto to their second championship.  I will never forget the smile on his face as he stood on first base with Coach K next to him.  I have a picture of it and it remains one of my favorite pictures from all his years in baseball.

2.)  During the above mentioned game, once he returned to the dug out, Coach C came over to the fence.  J was on the inside of the dug out, Coach C on the outside.  They put their hands up on the fence, palms together.  Coach C looked him in the eye and said, "Way to be clutch." They probably don't even remember it, but it made me cry then and still makes me get misty recalling it.  In that moment the love and respect they share as player, coach, and friends was stamped on both of their faces.  They'll laugh at me when they read this, but I don't care.  It was a moment I'll never forget.

1.)  The other day, J and I were in the car, discussing some opportunities he has coming up to further his chances of playing in college.  I asked him what he truly felt his chances were and this is what he said, as close as I can recall it, "I think I have as good a chance as anybody out there to play in college.  I've worked hard and will keep on working hard until I know I've done absolutely everything I can to make it happen.  I'm not finished playing yet and it's going to happen."

I have many more favorite moments, but these are the ones I treasure the most.  This year is flying by so fast and I am finding myself overwhelmed by sentiment and emotion.  I'll update soon on what J's up to these days but for now I'll just say he's one step closer to making the dream a reality.        


It seems that a couple of months have managed to sneak by and it's suddenly November.  This school year is keeping us busier than usual, especially since I am now working part time as a pre-k 3 teacher at A and N's school.  I'm really enjoying my little class of 8 three year olds.  More on that in a future post I'm sure!  The kids are busy with all of the normal activities.  J just completed both his final swim season and his fall baseball season.  He's working on college applications and has some upcoming camps and showcases.  N is singing, playing piano, and staking gymnastics.  He's also student teaching for younger boys at gymnastics.  A continues to be our little twirling princess and gets sassier everyday.  I will be making a concentrated effort to get back to regular postings!  So stay tuned!