Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moving Forward

J has just completed his junior season for his high school team.  It was a season that had a lot of ups and downs, both triumphs and disappointments, and as always, J handled it all with class and good sportsmanship.  Last night we attended the team banquet and J got a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. His teammates voted him the recipient of the 110% award.  This award is given to a player who goes above and beyond for his team.  J was stunned when his name called, and I don't think he's stopped smiling since being handed his plaque.  It means a lot to him to know that his teammates saw and appreciated everything he brought to the team.  Here he is with his award:

So what's next for J?   The summer was a little uncertain after the sad disbanding of TP.  But it didn't take long for Coach C to come up with a new plan of action for J.  That plan includes a lot of one on one training with Coach C once he gets home for the summer, which should be any day now.  And on the first weekend in June, J will be attending the Perfect Game Sunshine East Showcase, where he'll get the chance to be evaluated by and play in front of college coaches and scouts.  He's nervous, excited, and determined to go out there and show what he's really made of.  We talked briefly about finding him a new team to play on, but Coach C felt his bet was to spend the summer training hard, attending a showcase or two, and then joining a team in the fall.  J is looking forward to his summer, even if it will be a bit different from what he had originally planned.  So stay tuned for training updates and a report on how J's very first showcase goes.