Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Update

Kind of left everyone hanging after my last post!  Sorry!  My only excuse is that April and May were a whirlwind, filled with lots of exciting moments and milestones.  A recap:

J wrapped up his senior season mid April.  His team was knocked out of the district tournament after one game and he hung up his high school cleats for good.  The team banquet followed on May 4.  After four years of ups and downs, he was ready to bid high school baseball farewell and move onto the next chapter of his career.  On May 6, J officially signed with Belmont Abbey College to play baseball for the Crusaders.  He had a signing party at school with friends and family in attendance.  It was one of my proudest moments as J's mom.  Knowing how long and hard he had worked towards his goal, and to see the joy in his face as he signed his letter of commitment was so very special.  Here he is with Coach C at his signing party.
And a shot of all of us, including my parents and brother,Coach C, the school athletic director and two of his high school coaches. 

Next up was A's First Holy Communion on Mother's day.  My last baby has reached this important milestone in our catholic faith, which is so hard to believe.  She should still be crawling around in diapers and here she is, eight years old.  I so enjoyed taking her shopping for a dress and veil and was pleasantly surprised when my often times rough and tumble little girl chose a very girly dress and veil along with a tiara and gloves.  Here she is on her communion day:

Two weeks after A's communion, J graduated from high school.  I'm trying to figure out where 18 years went!  We were able to celebrate with many family and friends, on both his graduation day and with a big party the day after.  My aunt and cousins were able to make the trip from Virginia to be with us which meant so much to J.  Here are a few photos from the weekend:
 Our graduate
 Hubby and J
 Me and J
A rare shot of the five of us

In the few weeks since J's graduation we have been settling into our summer routine.  N is attending a three week theater camp at the local playhouse.  He will be performing as a singing ape in eight performances of Tarzan at the end of the month.  A has two baton competitions this month.  The first is the regional competition that is being held about an hour away from us.  The second is a big competition in Myrtle Beach.  J is training with Coach C to get in the best shape possible before he leaves for college.  Speaking of Coach C, he graduated from the University of Florida last month and is headed to Georgetown for law school this fall.  We're so proud of him, even though we're going to miss him like crazy!  Luckily, my aunt and cousins live right outside DC, so it will be easy to visit him while visiting them. For now, we're all just enjoying spending time together, knowing that the summer will fly by at the speed of light.  All too soon it's going to be time for me to pack up the car and drive J up to Belmont Abbey, eight hours from home.  I get weepy every time I think about it, though I always knew that his dreams of baseball would likely take him away.  I have mentally prepared for it as best I can, though I know my heart is going to crack into pieces when he actually goes.  But I know he'll be doing what he loves and that will make it easier.  And I'm already making plans for us all to be in the stands for his first game as a Crusader!