Friday, April 8, 2011

Thinking About Summer

Around this point in every school year my mind jumps ahead to summer vacation.  After the many months of the busy routine of the school year, I'm always ready for some downtime.  Last year that down time included a dream vacation in Hawaii.  Sadly, that is not the case this year.  But we can still have a nice summer right here at home.  I'm currently sifting through list of available summer camps and activities for the kids,  Here's what's on our summer agenda so far:

A will attend a one week camp that features various activities for rising kindergarteners.  N may attend the same camp, though his age group gets to choose from a wide variety of classes and activities.  He has a decision to make since this camp is the same week as the gymnastics camp he also wants to attend.

Both N and A will attend Bible School at the church of a friend.  Miss Patti runs an awesome bible school every summer and they look forward to it all year.  J will likely sign up as a junior counselor. 

I'm hoping all three will swim this summer.  J on the club team he is currently on and N and A at least in lessons.   The younger two may be able to do the club team as well.  We'll have to see. 

J tried out for and was selected for a summer tournament baseball team.  This will keep us busy most weekends in June and July as he plays in tournaments on college campuses around the state.  There will be one out of state tournament at Auburn University in July.

In late July, J will attend baseball camp at the University of Florida.  UF is currently his top college pick, so he's looking forward to that one.   In addition, he's hoping to attend another Baseball Factory training camp in Vero Beach.  That one is quite pricey, so we're working on getting him some sponsors.  It's a great opportunity so fingers crossed it works out!

Our summer schedule is looking pretty full already.  Hopefully, we'll manage some trips to the beach, movies, bowling, and other fun summer activities.  What's on your family's summer agenda so far?