Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Word From Coach C

Hello all,
         When Mrs. M asked me to write a guest post for the blog I was excited by the opportunity to relay my thoughts to her readers directly. As you know by the earlier posts on this blog J is currently participating in an extensive strength and conditioning program which is coupled with a stringent diet. Both programs have been crafted to enhance J's athleticism, thus improving his baseball ability and consequentially putting him in a better position to impress colleges. When I first began coaching J I was immediately impressed with his work ethic. While there were certain parts of his game that needed improvement, his unyielding support for his teammates along with his unbreakable spirit made him stand out on a team filled with high caliber ball players. As a coach, it is both my job and passion to construct programs and help players take their game as far as they'd like to go: however, there are certain young men who inspire coaches to go the extra mile. While I always provide help to players who ask, there are certain players that I actually want to help, because I know that they will give me their all no matter what. As a coach, thats all I can ever ask for, and J is one of these individuals. He is a young man of the finest quality, and his commitment to this strenuous program is a testament to his tremendous character. As of right now, I would honestly rate J's progress as very good, but with room for improvement. Now that I have corrected certain misunderstandings he had in regards to the form of his lifts, I am very excited to see his gains. I'll have him all week next week on the beach at mini camp which will be a nice jump start to help him prepare for tryouts. The way I see it, J is in an excellent position to make a run at his dreams. He is surrounded by a loving mother, a supportive father, and along with two very energetic siblings they create a wonderful family that will be the foundation for not only his success in baseball, but his future successes in life. To me, that is what this program has been about. it is a program aimed at improving his physique and bettering himself as an athlete, but it is designed to challenge him not only physically, but mentally. It cultures not merely muscle growth, but emotional growth. It builds confidence, because when J looks back on how far he's gone, and how much he's accomplished, he can be proud of what he has done. My philosophy of practice is that confidence stems from a player earning something. When a player has toiled, and worked, and battled in practice, he has earned the right to win. That is confidence. Regardless of results, rewards, or retribution, as other players sat and did nothing, J has proven that he is not simply common, but that he is extraordinary. To me, that is more important than any home run, any diving catch, any victory. To me, that is the greatest victory of all. I hope you all continue to support J as he continues on his journey, I know he appreciates it. And I hope you all continue to be as proud of him as I am. Thank you for your time.

-Coach C


Dan Benson said...

What a great Post by Coach C. I am proud to know J and his family. He is a great young man and will go far with his dedicatation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the young man

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this blog post. I think that it speaks to the fact that these are both exceptional young men and it confirms my faith in humanity.