Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Countdown

This school year, like most, has been a whirlwind of nonstop activity.  Overall it's been a good year, but I am ready for it to be over and for the more relaxed days of summer to begin.  J has five and a half weeks til he's finished and the younger kids have six and a half.  We have a lot going on in those weeks as the kids wrap up their activities with recitals, competitions, and performances.  J will have finals to take, and they all three will need to remain focused on their studies for these last weeks of school.  I have my volunteer duties at the younger kids school to see to, as well as wrapping thing up with my girl scout troop.  With all of that going on these next six weeks are sure to fly by.  Here's what we have planned for our summer:

J is of course playing on the TP summer team again.  They have a very competitive, challenging schedule this year.  Six tournaments and three exhibition games in seven weeks.  The first tournament will be Memorial Day weekend when they play in the 2012 16U WWBA East Memorial Day Classic put on by Perfect Game.  J is looking forward to practices beginning in the next few weeks once Coach C wraps up his finals and is home for the summer.  He's missed Coach C and is excited about playing for him for another season.  Look for tournament recaps as the summer progresses!  

In mid June we'll travel to Virginia for Cousin B's high school graduation.  We'll spend a long weekend there, then N and A will be heading to New Jersey to the beach with my extended family.  Hubby, J, and I will head back home to prepare for a week long stay in Jupiter for TP's biggest, most competitive tournament of the summer.

J and A both plan to swim this summer.  N says he doesn't want to, but I'm hoping to talk him into swimming for at least a few weeks.  He is interested in learning to play golf, so I'm looking into finding a golf camp or clinic for him to attend.  He also always attends a week long gymnastics camp.  A also wants to attend gymnastics camp and will continue baton as well.  N's chorus takes the summer off, but he'll be continuing his piano lessons, which he just began in March.  

In between tournaments, trips, and activities, we plan to get in some beach time, hang out with friends, and just enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer.  We'll still be busy, but summer busy is a different than school year busy.  Without the stress of homework, studying,  school projects, and strict bedtimes, we're free to just enjoy the many fun activities that fill our days.