Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching Up

I just realized it's been a month since my last post.  It doesn't feel like that much time has passed but it's been a super busy month. Aren't they all?  Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

Once the TP season ended, Cousin M arrived for a three week visit.  During his visit, we took a day trip to St. Augustine to visit with my dear friend J and her family, who were in town on vacation.  Following that, I took J and M on an official visit to Saint Leo University, which is on J's list of possible colleges.  J and M then spent the weekend with my brother, who lives near the college we toured.  After that, we had Coach C over for a combination farewell/birthday dinner, though he did the cooking, impressing us all with his cooking skills. Next up, Aunt S and Cousin B arrived for a week long visit.  After my aunt and cousins departed it was time to get ready for school to start.  J has been back in school for a week and a half, while N and A have a week under their belts.  As always, back to school time is a bit of adjustment as we all get used not only to the school schedule but the fall activity schedule.  All three kids have full schedules for the fall.

J is swimming his third season for the high school.  He's also signed up to play on the fall TP 18U team.  His school will also be having a fall ball season, which he should be able to do since TP is primarily on the weekends.  He's off to a good start with his schoolwork, taking AP and honors classes.  His training program is back in full swing, too.  He continues to keep his eye on the prize of playing college baseball and has finally settled on his potential college major of sports business.  He's really starting to research various schools and narrow down his list of possibles.  And I'll share a bit of happy news here regarding his plans to play next summer.  As I've mentioned before, next year he has to move from the TP 16u team to the 18u team due to when his birthday falls.  Previously we were unsure if Coach C would be moving up to the 18u team or staying with the 16u.  He told us a few nights ago at dinner that he has decided to move up to the 18u team!  Hurray!

N is in 6th grade this year.  He'll be continuing on with his gymnastics class as well as his music.  He's doing really well with his piano lessons.  I sat in on his lesson last week and was really impressed with how well he plays.    He'll sing in the school choir again and his community chorus starts up again this week.  The chorus schedule is the last one I'm waiting on so I can get the calendar all filled in.  And figure out how to squeeze it all in! He's also hoping to get elected to the student council, and considering signing up for the school soccer team if they have spots for 6th graders.

A will be on the baton team for her second season.  She's very excited about doing a presentation routine at competition this year.  A presentation is short solo performed in front of the judges.  She'll also be in a large group and a small group routine.  She's taking gymnastics for the first time, too.  She and I will also be doing our second year of daisy scouts.    Add to all of that the fact that my little girl is in 1st grade!  I don't know how she got so big on me.  She's loving 1st grade so far.   And of course, she's still planning to marry Coach C, though she did tell me a few weeks ago he was going to be an old man by the time I finally let her marry him.

Also on tap for fall:  N's birthday, a weekend baseball camp for J at Saint Leo's, and the annual school fair.    I know you're all just as busy as we are so I hope everyone is easing into their back to school routines with relative ease.