Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Steps to Broadway: High School Musical

Two summers ago N signed up for theater camp at our local community playhouse.  He was a singing, dancing ape in Tarzan and fell in love with the magic of the theater.  Since then, he's performed in four other shows and worked tech on three others.  Three of the shows he performed in and all of the ones he worked tech on were at the local theater.  The fourth show he performed in was the spring musical at his high school.We're fortunate to have an amazing community theater right in our town.  The productions are always top notch, including the summer shows put on by the kids.  Kids in 7th-12th grade stage a full on musical.  The program has become so popular that this year they are having two camps.  Yes, N is attending both! Last night was the opening night for the first summer show, High School Musical. N had his first lead role as Ryan Evans and he knocked it out of the park.(We can't get away from the baseball terminology in this family)

To say I am blown away by N's talent is a gross understatement.  He quite simply amazes me every time he steps onto the stage.  He acts, sings, and dances with such enthusiasm and energy.  No role is too small for him.  Whether he's a lead or has a small part in the ensemble he gives it 110%.  I have no idea where he got this talent.  But he has it in spades.  At least in my totally biased opinion! And judging by the number of people who take the time to tell me they saw him in this play or that play and how much they enjoyed watching him and how talented he is, I'm not the only one who thinks so!

We had front row tickets for opening night and as I sat there watching him up on that stage last night I felt myself tearing up.  (Big shock there!)  My middle baby, independent, determined, wickedly smart and funny, and who has always followed his own path in life, has found his niche. A niche where he is comfortable and happy, that has shown him the path he would like to pursue in life, wherever it may lead him.  Once again, I have a kid intent on pursuing what some would call a crazy dream.  Perhaps.  But I am enough of a dreamer myself to encourage him to pursue it as far as he can so that he never has any regrets.  In the meantime, I'll look forward to enjoying every minute of this crazy ride with him.

 With J and A after last night's performance

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