Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Abbey Bound

The time has come.  In approximately twelve hours, hubby and I will be driving J up to North Carolina to college.  All the plans have been made, his stuff has been packed, goodbyes have been said.  All that's left to do is make the trip.  Move in day is Friday, followed by orientation weekend.  We are staying until Sunday, then it will be time to hug my little boy tight one last time before leaving him to begin this exciting new chapter in his life.  He may be 18 and college bound, but he is still my little boy.  The same little boy who was born with a sweet disposition and a heart of gold.  The little boy with the big dream that he never gave up on.  The same little boy who gets to live the next stage of that big dream now.  He's ready, a bit nervous, but so excited to get on the field.  To prove himself worthy of the opportunity he's been given.  In his heart, he's already a Crusader, ready to give his whole heart to this new team he'll be a part of.  So even though my heart is full of tears, I can't truly be sad.  I know he's doing what he was meant to do, where he was meant to do it.  And even though I'm not a t-shirt girl, I'll wear my Crusader baseball mom t shirt with pride.  Because once upon a time, my little boy told me he was going to be a baseball player.  And he did it.  He became a baseball player, never letting anything deter him from his dream.  He's made it to college ball.  Who's to say the pros aren't right around the corner.  My tortoise is winning his race, slow and steady, one game at a time.

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