Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Goodbye

Or maybe I should say so long til later, because it's not like we're never going to see him again.  Today we bid Coach C farewell as he heads off to Georgetown Law School.  We're proud of him and excited to see him pursuing his dreams to the fullest.

 When we first met Coach C back in April 2011, none of us had any inkling of the wonderful friendship we were about to be blessed with.  I was simply hoping for a decent baseball coach for my kid.  What I got was so much more.  Coach C was certainly a fabulous coach.  He also became a true friend to all of us, a treasured member of our family.  Hubby and I often joke that he's our honorary fourth kid.  To J he has been coach, mentor, friend, and brother, always encouraging, pushing, and challenging him to pursue his dreams.  He's been a terrific role model to all the kids, always showing them kindness and love, even while arguing endlessly with N.  N loves to match wits with him and Coach C is always happy to oblige.   And he remains A's hero, the object of her first crush, and without a doubt one of her favorite people in the world.

Together the six of us have enjoyed  baseball games, dinners, chess games, debates, laughs, and good times. I think we're all going to miss being able to get together on a more regular basis.  But I'm confident there will be a lot more memories made.  After all, roads were meant to be traveled, and this friendship got it's start traveling to baseball tournaments.  So even though things will forever be different with Coach C at Georgetown and J at BAC, it doesn't mean they'll be any less special.  Our boys have bright futures ahead of them and I'm so grateful to get to see them achieve the greatness I know they're destined for. I have no doubt they'll make us all proud.

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